Thorvald Bindesboell

1846 - 1908

Thorvald Bindesboell trained as an architect, but found it difficult to establish himself as an architect. 
He began dabbling in ceramics as early as 1880 and was enticed by a friend to start designing for Johan Wallmann in 1883.
He continued designing ceramics for G. Eifrig, Kähler and P. Ipsen's widow. As well as ceramics he designed embroidery for his
sisters, who were partners in an emboidery shop, book covers, furniture and metalwork.
Around 1898 he started designing silverware, first for A. Michelsen, then also A. Dragsted and P. Hertz before meeting Holger Kyster
in 1904. Bindesboell felt that Holger Kyster understood his sketches and was better able to bring his designs to life in silver.
Unfortunately Bindesboell died in 1908 just four years into the collaboration.

Designed by Thorvald Bindesboell

  • Antique A. Michelsen Vase by Thorvald Bindesboell

    90,000 DKK
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  • Vintage Holger Kyster Dish by Thorvald Bindesboell

    75,000 DKK
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