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Soren Georg Jensen

1917 - 1982

The second youngest son of Georg Jensen. Soren Georg Jensen trained as a silversmith at the Georg Jensen silversmithy and finished in 1936 where he achieved a silver medal for his graduation piece. He studied to become a sculptor at the Art Academy finishing in 1945 and took lessons at Einar Utzon Franks Sculpture school. Soren Georg was awarded the Academy's small gold medal in 1946. He continued his sculpture studies in Paris from 1947-1948 and again in Rome from 1958-1959. He was a very well renowned and notable sculptor of the time.
From 1949-1953 he was employed by Georg Jensen silversmithy. And again from 1958. In 1962-1974 Soren Georg was the artistic leader of Georg Jensen silversmithy. He achieved a goldmedal for silverworks at the Triennale in Milan in 1960.

His design language was clean and firm and is visible in both his sculptures and in his designs for silverware and jewellery. It is the cylinder, ball and cone shapes that are used over and over again in his designs. Due to the clean shapes many of his designs were also fit to be produced in stainless steel.

Designed by Soren Georg Jensen

  • Georg Jensen Modern Salt and Pepper Set 1114

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  • Modern Georg Jensen Cruet Set 965

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  • Modern Georg Jensen Salt and Pepper Shakers 965

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  • Monumental Georg Jensen Mid-Century Candelabra 1085

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  • Pair of Georg Jensen Enamelled Dishes 1079

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  • Pair of Georg Jensen Modern Candlesticks 1141

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  • Rare Modern Georg Jensen Bracelet 114

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