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Johan Rohde

1856 - 1935

Johan Rohde was educated a painter and illustrator at the Academy of Arts in Copenhagen 1981-1982. He was a pupil of both Laurits Tuxen and P. S. Kroyer from 1883. He exhibited his paintings at Charlottenborg in 1888.

Rohde was very enterprising and made silver designs for A. Michelsen, Aage Dragsted and Mogens Ballin as well as paintings and making designs for furniture.

Rohde's collaboration with Georg Jensen began in 1906 when he commissioned Jensen to create some objects drawn by himself and for his own personal use. The collaboration laid a deep mutual respect and esteem; Jensen requested that Rohde continue on as a designer. Rohde began designing both jewellery and hollowware for Jensen. The collaboration lasted until Rohde's death in 1935.

Rohde’s designs were serene, simplified, and elegant. His designs, like Jensen’s own, had characteristic hammer marks and oxidation techniques, though more highly stylized and more naturalistic Art Nouveau style. Rohde’s designs were not as geometrical as was typical for the Art Déco period that followed. His work was neither strictly Art Nouveau nor Art Déco but something in between.

Edgar Kaufmann, Jr. of The Museum of Modern Art in New York described Rohde thusly: “Rohde’s serene, light forms and sensitive, restrained details were beyond the reach of copyists, but he set a pace that the best silversmiths …have since tried to equal…”

Rohde has made many exquisite and elegant designs. One of his most famous designs is probably the flatware pattern Acorn/Konge from 1915.

Designed by Johan Rohde

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  • Pair of Early Georg Jensen Candlesticks 286 by Johan Rohde

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