Ib Just Andersen

Ib Just Andersen 1884 - 1943

Ib Just Andersen was born in Greenland, which is part of the Danish commonwealth, and studies in Copenhagen at the Royal Academy and the School of Danish Applied Arts. He was apprenticed to decorative sculptor H.C. Lamberg Petersen. He used the artistic name “Just Andersen” and designed for well known Danish silver companies A. Michelsen and P. Hertz. Just Andersen worked primarily in pewter, brass, copper, bronze and disko. (Disko Metal is an alloy of lead and antimony, which was Andersen’s own invention and named after the Disko Bay of Greenland, where he grew up). The Just Andersen company had international success and had stores in Berlin, London, New York and Los Angeles. After Ib Just Andersen’s death in 1943 the company continued to trade until 1969 when it was sold to A. Michelsen.