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Hans Peter Jacobsen

1892 - 1973

Hans Peter Jacobsen trained as a painter, finishing in 1911, then went abroad for four years. In Italy he met Danish architect Martin Nyrop and helped him refurbish San Cataldo convent. In return, on their return to Denmark, Nyrop helped H. P. Jacobsen enroll in the Academy of Art's School of Painting.

In 1926 he joined Cohr's Silverware Factory as a designer, contributing greatly with his knowledge of form and asthetics, he became known as an uncompromising perfectionist. He was the artistic leader of the factory for four decades. Apart from his work at the Cohr Silverware Factory Jacobsen also wrote 14 novels.

He is perhaps best known for his "Herregaard" flatware design, which was a huge success for Cohr and still produced today by Gense in Sweden.

Designed by Hans Peter Jacobsen

  • Pair Of Cohr Art Deco Candelabra, Design by H. P. Jacobsen

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